Encouraged by the recent surge in interest in the ukulele two local music teachers Edis Bowden and Nigel Ewen have set up The Acoustic Music Workshop in Perth to advance the playing of this marvelous little instrument.

What has sparked this nationwide surge in interest?

Some credit must go to the wonderful Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Their concerts are great fun and the music is accessible to all. At a recent BBC Prom concert they asked everyone in the audience to bring their ukulele along and join in. Imagine 10,000 ukes in The Royal Albert Hall all playing The Ride of the Walkures and The Dambusters March!

Many primary schools have embraced the uke to the extent that it has replaced the recorder as the inexpensive way of learning basic music theory. It’s smaller and easier to hold than a guitar and it’s strings are softer which is great for young fingers. And there are only four of them!

The Ukulele is tuned in a similar manner to the guitar so all the fun in learning the Uke will be of great help should you choose to take up guitar in the future.

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